Thursday, 30 April 2009

industry report.

got myself a brief at school.
i have to compile a report of some detailed research into a current issue in the contemporary design world.
i chose the question
'Handmade Vs Digital: which approach to design/illustration is relevant to todays creative industries?'
im planning to conduct research in areas of sustainability, time constraints, financial factors, general aesthetics, traditions and limitation of both approaches to design and illustration.

my deliverables for the project are a body of research and development in the subject area/ question.
interviews with 4 designers who are affected by the question and can give me their insight into the problem at hand.
and finally the written report needs to be made into a 24 page book.
so layouts text hierarchies, pagination, charts, and mock ups will be involved.

fun fun fun

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Danielle-Louise Theroux said...

that sounds like lots of fun!
show me when its done please?