Saturday, 28 November 2009


Today walking the rain to liverpool street from tower bridge, me and the lady discovered outside a little posh sandwich bar/cafe in the bins, some food that was all sealed in its pots that they sell it in. We stood hesitantly looking at it, after 5 minutes of deliberating we decide to pick it up and put it in our bag with the thought that if we cross paths with a bum they will have some dinner. This path was not crossed, so it ends up back at home and in our fridge. The food in question was 2 pots of roasted veg, peppers, aubergines, courgettes and all on a base of chick peas. The other pot found contained new potatoes smothered in butter with some salad in the pot too. I remembered my mum telling me about an article she had read online or in a paper about people eating food that had been thrown out into bins but was not past its sell by date, these people are Freegans. after a little looky looky on the internet ive discovered that most Freegans choose to eat this way for political reason or something along those lines. Me on the other hand, i have now decided if at any point i can eat like this for free by simply heading to the back of any super market and checking whats in the bins i am going to do so. going to be some lovely pictures documenting my meals as well. and i ate the potatoes that i found earlier as a side with my pizza and they were amazing!!!!


H A N A said...
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H A N A said...

freeganism sounds crazy interesting!
I'm down to give it a go
except people are a little sketchier around these here parts